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OTP Startup Partner Program is an international partnership program seeking later-stage startups with validated products and scaleups from all over the world, with the chance to build goal-oriented, business-focused, and mutually beneficial partnerships with OTP Bank, a top tier player of the financial industry in Central and Eastern Europe.

The program starts with a 3-month pilot phase, after which the most successful cohort companies are admitted to a 6-month rollout phase aimed at supporting the full-scale, live integration of the tested solutions into the operation of the bank. Take this unique opportunity to refine your product, grow your business, and expand your networks through projects conducted in one of the 12 countries where the OTP Banking Group is present and via bespoke training and mentoring sessions!

OTP Startup Partner Program is brought to you by OTP LAB, OTP Bank’s innovation hub.


Results-oriented pilots based on real business needs

Business-relevant Proof-of-Concept or pilot projects with one of the banks belonging to OTP Group, collaborating directly with renowned OTP experts

Dedicated support from piloting to live collaboration

Connection with the right stakeholders and key decision makers within OTP Group, dedicated resources to support the live rollout in case of a successful pilot

Business development acceleration & potential customer base

Opportunity to forge new partnerships within OTP Group and get access to up to 19+ million customers in the CEE region

Customized mentorship

Business insights and guidance from dedicated mentors and key decision makers at OTP Group with market-specific expertise in 12 CEE markets

Investor relations & international networking

Introductions to PortfoLion, OTP’s VC and PE arm, to other VCs and angel investors and access to an extensive pool of renowned mentors, leading corporate partners and our proven alumni companies

No cost, no equity

There are no application or participation fees, we take no equity, we do not lock you in

Focus areas

Click on each focus area to explore the related business challenges we aim to solve with innovative partners.

  • Business intelligence and data aggregation solution for client profiling and/or risk scoring in case of retail and business clients
  • Advanced data analytics algorithm for client spending categorization
  • Data aggregation and analytics solution for more efficient card plastic sourcing
  • AI/ML supported algorithmic trading models
  • Novel AML and CFT risk assessment tools
  • Big data based HR analytics tool for monitoring HR KPIs
  • AI-powered web crawlers, semantic search solutions to support AML/CFT for business clients
  • Real estate database and real-time monitoring tools of the real estate market
  • Innovative campaign measurement tools to monitor the sales effect of offline ATL campaigns
  • Loyalty and cash back offer management system with personalized offering, gamification and financial education features
  • Geolocation based proximity marketing solutions
  • Voice based identification and fraud detection for contact centers
  • Visual remote assistance tools for contact centers
  • AI supported voice based chatbots and call transcription solutions for contact centers
  • Advanced anti-fraud solutions based on user behavior, biometrics, geolocation
  • Investment and money management training and simulation apps for client education
  • Voice-based banking solutions, integration of voice commands into digital banking
  • Voice-based marketing solutions
  • Digital marketing optimization and hyperpersonalization solutions based on clients' digital footprint
  • Influencer marketing and AI supported influencer identification tools
  • Online distribution platform for the production, distribution of marketing materials in the branch network
  • On-the-job training solutions for on-premise applications
  • Online collaboration platform for cross-function and cross-country collaboration, project management, document sharing, process management
  • Digital customer journey mapping and real-time KPI monitoring along main touch points
  • Performance management and incentive platform for sales personnel with gamification elements and performance enhancement tips
  • Automated work time tracking, activity logging and workload planning solutions
  • Meeting optimization tools for scheduling automation, meeting prioritization
  • Mentor-mentee collaboration platform supporting talent management
  • Self-service digital HR platform for employees to manage administrative tasks
  • Novel HR benefits administration platform with tailored benefits for employees
  • Intelligent sales support assistant for branch personnel and Contact Center with campaign information, brand messages, proposed script and message templates
  • Employee engagement and recognition platform based on intelligent nudges
  • Employee wellbeing enhancing solutions
  • Novel solutions for organizational network analysis
  • Automated employee feedback collection solutions along the entire employee lifecycle
  • AI supported recruitment, CV scanning solutions
  • AI-based digital solutions for real-time competition monitoring
  • Automated, AI-based testing tools for application development
  • Remote user testing tools for online user experience interviews, online focus groups
  • "Crowdtesting" platform for quick validation of marketing copies, product or service ideas
  • Performance marketing optimization tools
  • Non-financial, value-added services for homebuyers and homeowners
  • Non-financial, value-added services for shared bank accounts targeted at youth communities (e.g. schools, sports clubs)
  • Family banking solutions
  • White-label lending as a service solution for retail clientele
  • Automated, digital solutions for credit restructuring
  • Value-added, white-label services built on PSD2 APIs for retail clients
  • White-label aggregator marketplace application for easy access to local and public services (e.g. parking, taxi, event tickets)
  • White-label aggregator marketplace for offering financial and non-financial products and services to retail clients
  • White-label personal finance management (PFM) and goal based savings solutions
  • Utility payment aggregator solutions for digital banking
  • Yield estimation based on satellite images, sensors and precision farming in agriculture, monitoring of green practices among farmers
  • Non-financial, value-added services for agricultural clients
  • Online wholesale marketplace for agricultural products
  • White-label, AI/ML supported liquidity management solutions for SME and Corporate clients
  • White-label online lending platform for SME and Corporate clients
  • E-invoicing, accounting, and financial management services for SMEs
  • One-stop-shop solution for SME and Corporate onboarding including customer identification, KYC, AML, collection of all required documentation
  • White-label digital transaction banking platform for Corporate clients

We are of course aware that we do not know what we do not know, and therefore we are open to disruptive solutions that can transform the financial industry in ways we have not thought of. If you have such an idea, we encourage you to submit your application.

Who are we looking for?

Startups and scaleups, which meet the following criteria:
  • Company is managed by at least two full-time founders, covering both business and tech competences. We especially encourage women-led companies and startups with gender-diverse founding teams to apply.
  • There is some novel and scalable technology or an innovative business model behind the product.
  • The product is market ready, validated at least through pilots (even better if you already have live users and/or corporate partners).
  • There is a founder, a C or VP level executive who will devote the necessary time, energy, and attention needed for driving the partnership with OTP.

2020/2021 batch timeline

Pre-program milestones

  • Launch of open call: 15 Sep 2020
  • Application deadline: 23 Oct 2020
  • Online interviews: 2 – 13 Nov 2020 (please ensure your availability)
  • Online selection days: 8 – 9 Dec 2020 (please ensure your availability)

Pilot phase milestones

  • Kick-off week: 01 – 05 Mar 2021
  • Mid-term week: 12 – 16 Apr 2021
  • Final week: 17 – 21 May 2021
  • Demo Day: 26 May 2021

Post-program milestones

  • In case of successful pilots admission to the 6-month rollout phase aimed at long-term partnership
  • Alumni membership

Our team

Program team


Current batch

We are excited to conduct pilots with the following best-in-class teams.


Our partners offer special deals, workshops, office hours, and the chance to get fast-track access to their acceleration programs.

Track record


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You can find the program team here:

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